About Us

We are a peer-to-peer not for profit organization that strives to help preserve the healthy minds of veterans, fire fighters, police officers and first responders through treatment and counseling for depression, suicidal tendencies and PTSD.

Following a multitude of suicides in 2020, the group was formed by three Stoughton Fire Fighter/Paramedics (Brian Harkins, Chris Schute and Eric Hoffman) for the purpose of giving people a way of communicating their experiences with bad calls. We had lost many brothers and sisters and saw little help from management [saying they wanted to help, but didn’t know how]. We do the initial interventions and encourage people that are suffering to join, listen, maybe talk and reach out; all while offering anonymity for the members as needed.

What We Do

In partnership with both veteran and civilian organizations, we offer weekly on-line and monthly, confidential, meetings amongst your peers, in a safe environment, helping you work to cope with your internal struggle. Through a military type “buddy system”, we will work to make sure you are not alone in your battle. Offering workshops for not only our defenders but for the families and friends of those suffering or have lost love ones to suicide.

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to raise awareness of suicide related deaths in our defenders of freedom and public safety. The cause of these deaths is often related to mental health issues stemming from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, job related stress, traumatic brain injuries and the daily struggle of separating military service back to civilian life.